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The Difference

Dr. Parisi believes in the importance of personal relationships with his patients. The best care can only be delivered when you work in partnership with a doctor who knows you and your health concerns. Developing such a relationship requires quality time for office visits and the doctors desire to provide undivided attention to you, the patient.

Today’s healthcare marketplace is a rushed environment with limited visits and a concentration on disease management rather than wellness management. Insurance and governmental demands prevent providers and patients from establishing quality relationships due to the various regulatory burdens placed on providers, thus resulting in hurried appointments leaving patients feeling frustrated.

Dr. Parisi works in partnership with you to optimize your well-being by developing a Personalized Wellness Plan. He will meet with you to discuss the results of your examination and tests, identify areas on which you need to focus, and craft a tailored comprehensive Wellness Plan that delivers in-depth knowledge and one on one support all year long.

By limiting the number of patients in his Personalized Healthcare Program, he is able to spend quality time with you to address all concerns in a relaxed and unhurried environment. You have access to same or next-day appointments with no wait times. You are provided direct 24-hour access to Dr. Parisi with a personalized phone number and email.

Our program provides the benefits of the enhanced customized care you deserve! Expect more from Personalized Care, call Kathy today for more information and program availability.

The Benefits

Same or Next Day Visits

No-Rush Appointments

24-Hour Access to our Doctor

Wellness Just For You